What’s my name?

So, is it Carl or Calle?

My name seems to cause some problems for non-Scandinavians, so I will try to sort things out here.

  • My given name is Carl, which is pronounced [kʰɑːɭ].

  • Bearers of the name Carl (or the alternate form Karl) often receive the nickname Calle (or Kalle). This is true for me, so most people in Sweden address me as Calle (we are very informal with names in Sweden, so feel free to use this form). Calle is pronounced [ˈkʰa᷆lːɛ̂], so yeah, it is also this thing about pitch accent here. Think about the French city Calais or Superman’s real name Kal-El.

  • My last name is tricky even for Swedish speakers, perhaps because it is quite uncommon. However, it is supposed to be pronounced [bœʂˈtɛlː].

  • I use Calle also when signing – although I’ve had a number of different name signs over the years (btw, I have a paper on name signs), the ones used most is the sign for DUCK (see video above) because it is also the name sign of Donald Duck (Swedish: Kalle Anka).

In conclusion: When citing my work, please use Carl, but in all other contexts, do call me Calle!

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